What is CASH?
CASH is our virtual currency, it is used to buy Items, Services and more.
By means of a donation you can acquire this currency.
How much?
1 CASH = 0.07 USD
Our donation system will make the exchange rate in your local currency.
How to Acquire?
Follow the steps that will be shown below, REMEMBER that all processes have a waiting time to be confirmed and be credited to your user account.
Log in at the top of the page, filling in your user ID and password. Next Go to your User Panel.
Once inside the user panel we go to the main MENU and display the option Manage Coins, then click on the option RECHARGE CASH.
We go to the right side of the panel and a form will appear, there we write the amount of CASH that we need then Click on Apply
Next we will see the payment gateways, PAYPAL and PAYGOL.

PAYPAL: In this medium the credit cards or Due VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, etc. will be used, the currency will be in USD.
PAYGOL: With this medium you can choose many payment options such as Bank Deposits, PAYSAFECARD, etc. Each country has its own payment method, the conversion will be according to your local currency.

How do I notify my donation?
All payments have a verification process that can take from 1 to 48 hrs

PAYPAL: Almost immediately and it will not be necessary to inform
PAYGOL: 24 to 48 hrs if you wish to expedite your Refill take a photo of the invoice generated and the receipt with the payment made and inform https://www.facebook.com/ComunidadDarkMu/