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  • Opening Season 15 Ep1-3

    Bienvenidos a DarkMu Online Season 15 Ep 1-3


    Dia 08.02.20
    Hora 20:00hrs GMT-5
    Peru: 20:00hrs
    Mexico: 19:00hrs
    Colombia: 20:00hrs
    Argentina: 22:00hrs
    Venezuela: 21:00hrs
    Brasil: 23:00hrs


    Experiencia: 20x
    Master Experiencia: 5x
    Drop Rate: 10%
    Lv Max Normal: 400
    Lv Master 3er Max: +400
    Lv Master 4ta Max: +400
    Monsters HP: 100%
    Creacion Guild (Nivel): 150
    Creacion MG (Nivel): 100
    Creacion DL (Nivel): 150
    Creacion RF (Nivel): 150
    Creacion GL (Nivel): 150
    Creacion RU (Nivel): 100
    Creacion SL (Nivel): 1
    Creacion DW,DK,ELF,SU (Nivel): 1
    Helper (Nivel): 20
    Offtrade: Si
    Offlevel: 4 hrs (maximo)
    Resets: Si (Dinamico)
    Puntos por Resets: 200
    Max Resets: 100
    Items Inventario: No
    Elimina Skill: No

    [Maquina del Chaos]

    +10: 60%
    +11: 60%
    +12: 60%
    +13: 55%
    +14: 55%
    +15: 50%
    +25% Adicional items con Suerte

    Blood Castle
    Devil Square
    Chaos Castle
    Illusion Temple
    Loren Deep
    ArKa Battle
    LastMan Standing
    Acheron Guardian
    Tormented Square
    Red Dragon
    Skeleton King
    Golden Invasion
    White Wizard
    Medusa Invasion
    Santa Invasion
    Maze of Dimension
    Lord Ferea
    Rabbits Invasion
    Lord Silvester
    Core Magriffy
    God of Darkness

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